• 38 Inch 6 Stringed Electric Guitar Rosewood Fingerboard Stringed Instrument for Beiggners

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    • 【Flame Shape】The guitar adopt flame shape, with the unrestrained appearance, the full rock and rollspirit makes people excited, with it in hand, you will always want to play a few more songs to improve performance
    • 【Comfortable to Use】The fingerboard is made of rose solid wood, and the piano body adopt basswood, provide comfortable feeling, high durability, provide a beautiful and smooth overall design.
    • 【Optimizing High Position Conforms Comfrtable】The high position conforms to the hand design, optimizing the playing comfort of the tweeter, using a warmer fuller sound than maple through rosewood fingerboard, easy to use thinner and smaller, suitable for carrying.
    • 【Improve Performance】The pickup coil is wound with very thin copper wire, which can get a great output, more intermediate frequencies and improve efficiency.
    • 【Richer Expressiver】The electric guitar has various music styles that can be played. it has richer expressive power. and you have more choices to express your personality. it is delayed reverb flanging phase, advanced analog synthesizer, simulated human voice to achieve the effect of electric box piano.